There are many gutter guard benefits, just ask yourself, are you excited by the prospect of having to clean out your gutters…again?


It can often feel like only a moment has passed since you last maintained your gutters and it needs doing again – especially if you live in a leafy area – it can be a never-ending chore.

If this sounds like you, you could definitely learn more about the Leaf Stopper gutter guard benefits as it is crucial that gutters are clear and flowing to avoid blockages in your gutters and downpipes leading to leakages, overflowing and water damage.


Gutter guard Benefits

The gutter guard benefits are clear.


Gutter Guards Are Low Maintenance


Gutter guards are designed to keep leaves, other debris, and pests out of your guttering systems, whilst allowing for clear and effective water flow to your downpipes, draining water away from your home.

It is a misconception, however, that a leaf guard means you will never have to clear your gutters, there is no solution that requires zero maintenance, but gutter/ leaf guards will certainly reduce the amount of time spent up a ladder clearing your gutters out.

It’s one of the many gutter guard benefits.

The Leaf Stopper system has an easy access panel that allows a hose to rinse out the gutters without disturbing the Leaf Stopper system.

Simply open the EasyAc Panel and rinse the gutter.




Keeping Your Building Foundations Dry


One reason for moisture and mould in the home can be a leaking roof or allowing the building foundation to stay wet.

This can occur via a number of reasons but many of the symptoms can be alleviated by a leaf guard in your gutters ensuring effective drainage away from the house.

See how Leaf Stopper customers Vicki and Steven got rid of their mould problems with gutter guards here:





Keep your home looking good


You can select from a wide range of colours to match any Colorbond® or tile roof.

With Leaf Stopper you are able to mix and match the colours – this means you can select a different mesh and trim colour to match your roof and gutters.

Leaf Stopper’s award winning ‘ski-slope system’ means leaves blow away while ensuring water is captured.

The design of the mesh system doesn’t just shift the problem to another part of your roof or gutter – It solves the problem so your roof isn’t constantly cluttered with leaves and other debris.


Rainwater harvesting Is Another Benefit Of Gutter Guards


If rainwater harvesting is intended for use within the home it must be safe to use, one of the main considerations being barriers to collection and distribution of contaminants within your rainwater storage.

Gutter guards are one way of ensuring your gutter drainage pipes are unblocked and are capturing clean, clear, rainwater.

Gutter guards on your rain gutter systems, such as Leaf Stopper, are a simple, secure, mesh solution placed over your gutters preventing pest entry, blockages of leaves and other moist vegetation (which provide microbial breeding grounds).

Gutter guards reduce organic matter in your gutters and, in turn, unwanted entry into your rainwater storage, another example of gutter guard benefits.

For this reason gutter guards are recommended as part of the more holistic quality management approach to rainwater capture and use.


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