Leaf Stopper is a professional Gutter Guard system.

There are many traditional budget systems on the market which are available in many stores including majors like Bunnings.

Without proper advice, many homeowners can easily think that these cheaper products can do the job.

It sounds logical that inserting a perforated metal guard into a gutter or rounding some plastic mesh and tucking it in should work.


Whilst the budget and traditional systems can work to a degree, they don’t do a thorough job.

Leaf Stopper won the Australia Design Award and its ski-slope system gives leaves a chance of blowing off.

So whilst you might be impressed with the array of materials on the shelf in Bunnings, you won’t find a quality product like Leaf Stopper available.


There’s a reason you won’t find Leaf Stopper in Bunnings…


Leaf Stopper is a specialised system and the higher price and variety of colour options doesn’t make it suitable for Bunnings or similar stores.

However, many stores are still prepared to keep some stock of the popular colours on the shelf.

Those stores can be found on our Store Locator, or you can request the store to place a special Leaf Stopper order.

Leaf Stopper is generally installed by professional tradesman.

However, with more and more people opting for Do-It-Yourself solutions (DIY), it makes sense that handymen will be prepared to give the Installation of Leaf Stopper a go.

If you are confident to do-it-yourself, then visit our Web Store.

If you would like a tradesman to do it for you, then find an installer here.


Leafstopper Bunnings

Leaf Stopper won’t be found on the shelves at Bunnings.


So You’re The Handy Type Huh?


We have plenty of resources available on our website for those who want to install Leaf Stopper on their own home.

The Leaf Stopper kits are packed and sent to you based on your roof type.

If you order the tile roof gutter guard you’ll receive all the components required for a tile roof install.

If you have a metal roof you can order a corrugated roof gutter guard kit or a deck roof gutter guard kit.

Check our how to install Leaf Stopper page for DIY install instructions.




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