Ember guards are a great way to protect your investment.

As a homeowner, you worked hard to get where you are today.

Your home is your castle and every castle needs a good defence system.

While you won’t have to fight off hordes of raiders, you will have to protect the gutters of your home from the seemingly endless onslaught of leaves.

When it comes to keeping your gutters free from potentially hazardous debris like dry leaves, the best offence is a good defence.

We’ve got the rundown on the difference between an ember guard and a gutter guard.


Before and after bushfire

This home had Leaf Stopper gutter guards installed and survived a violent bush fire.


Understanding the BAL Rating and Why it’s Important to Keep Your Gutters Free of Debris…


The average homeowner has a lot to worry about, they worry about taxes, utilities, and all of those unsettling sounds that they hear when they have old plumbing.

So why should you have to worry about a bunch of little leaves in your gutters?

Put simply, neglecting to keep your gutters free of dry leaves is a potential fire hazard. Your entire house and everything that you worked for could go down in flames because of a bunch of dry leaves in your gutter system.

Don’t let that happen to you and your home. If you live in an area with a BAL rating you may need a Leaf Stopper gutter guard.

A BAL rating refers to the Bushfire Attack Level, which is used to determine how susceptible buildings are to bushfires.

The Australian BAL rating has several levels outlining how vulnerable buildings are to bushfires.

BAL Low represents the lowest level of risk, however, builders and homeowners are still cautioned to take appropriate bushfire safety and prevention precautions.

Even if your home is on the lower end of the scale, having a Leaf Stopper gutter guard installed is still a good idea…

BAL FZ is the highest rating representing the highest level of risk. This is known as the fire zone, which means that homes in this zone will be at the forefront of the flames.

In accordance with Australian Standard AS3959–2009, homes in areas that are considered to be susceptible to bushfires are required to cover any gaps greater than 3mm with an ember guard mesh or sheet.

Homes in areas with a BAL rating of 12.5 or 29, must be outfitted with an ember guard that’s constructed from steel, bronze or aluminium.

If your home is in an area with a BAL rating of 40 or higher, you will be required to have ember guards that are made from either bronze or steel.


What Distinguishes a Gutter Guard From an Ember Guard?


If you live in an area with a high BAL rating and are concerned about the risk that bushfires pose to your home, you’re going to want to protect it from an ember attack.

In many areas, a home doesn’t have to make contact with flames to set on fire.

Oftentimes all it takes are a few embers from burning debris. When this burning incendiary lands on your home, it can travel through cracks as tiny as 3mm in size. If enough of this debris makes it through the cracks, it can set your house on fire.

An ember guard is an item that’s specifically designed to protect your home from an ember attack. 

A gutter guard is designed to stop flammable debris accumulating in your gutters.

The term “gutter guard”, is a broad term for anything that’s designed to keep leaves and debris out of your gutter system. Although a gutter guard is great for keeping your gutter system clean, it doesn’t perform the same function as an ember guard.

For example, it may protect your gutters from burning embers, but your home may also have vents that can suck in burning embers resulting in fire.

You can, however, get something that functions as a gutter guard while also satisfying the Australian government’s specifications for ember guards. It must be made from non-combustible material with a hole size less than 2mm.

The below table outlines the BAL Ratings where Leaf Stopper Gutter Guards can be used as an ember guard for your home:


Ember Guard Table

Typical Ember Guard applications include; Weep Holes, Fly screens, Whirlybirds & other cavities/openings into the home.

Basically, if you live in BAL rated area 29 or under you can use Leaf Stopper “fine” aluminium mesh as an ember defender as well as a gutter guard. However, if you live in a BAL rated area of 40 or FZ it will not be suitable.

Constructed with long-lasting, BAL 29 fire-rated aluminium mesh, Leaf Stopper is a preferred gutter guard mesh for those in bushfire-prone areas.

You can either have Leaf Stopper installed or you can receive it as a kit and install it yourself.

Click here to learn more about how Leaf Stopper can protect you and your home from bushfires, not to mention, keep your gutters as clean as a whistle!


Before and after Leaf Stopper

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