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Roofs which are covered by leaf and twig matter are unsightly and can reflect the value of your home, let alone the impact on your roofs gutter and downpipes. Many homeowners when thinking of alleviating home maintenance think about the benefits of protecting their gutters and often neglect the importance of also protecting the valleys as well.

Both roof valleys and gutters are prone to deterioration over time as leaves and other organic matter stagnate and breakdown, a process which is referred to as immersion. The major factor which leads to corrosive increases is a fall in oxygen due to the ponding of water in the gutter system due to the accumulation of debris. The corrosive breakdown of the material results in perforations (holes) appearing over time, commonly referred to as rust on steel surfaces.

Deterioration of your roofs valleys and gutter systems can lead to serious damage to your roof and home. By installing a gutter mesh system on both your roof valleys and gutters you prevent the unnecessary building of leaves and twigs on your roof, lowering your roof maintenance and ultimately how many times you have to climb a ladder, thus significantly reducing your potential risk of a fall.

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Valley gutter guards

Eliminate Your Fall Risk

In a recent Safe Work Australia report 2013, it was estimated around 6,900 people annually in Australia are hospitalised due to falls, between July 2006 and June 2009, falls from ladders accounted for 28% overall and these figures are steadily increasing annually.

Over the last eight years, 2003-11 half of all the falls which resulted in a fatality involved heights of three meters or less. Falls from ladders accounted for the greatest number of fatalities (37 fatalities – 16%) and falls from roofs (25). Ladder and roof falls combined account for a large percentage of the overall fatality rate.

Between 2010–11, 7730 claims for serious injury were lodged due to a falls from a height. Falls from ladders and steps & stairways accounted for 15% each of falls-related claims. Almost half (46%) of the falls-related claims resulted in sprains & strains, followed by fractures (25%) and contusion & crushing injury (9%). Injuries to the Knee, Ankle or Back accounted for nearly half (46%) of all serious claims due to a fall from height.

The alarming statistics aforementioned, emphasise the potential risk of climbing ladders. It stands to reason that by installing gutter guards to your home, you can reduce your risk of becoming a contributor to this statistic.

Leaf Stopper gutter mesh guard is designed to protect both your roof’s gutters and valleys, stopping build-up or clumping of leaves on your roof. With Leaf Stoppers ski-slope system, leaves have a greater chance of being blown off your roof by the wind.

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