Ever since I’ve had Leaf Stopper installed, I haven’t had to clean my gutters…

 So I’m very happy with the way Leaf Stoppers have protected my gutters. – Zdenka


I found the do-it-yourself kit very easy to install…

The Trimmets lock together easily and because the holes were already there, it was a no-brainer on how to screw it to the gutter lid. – Danny


Since we had the Leaf Stopper and the bedroom painted, there hasn’t been any mould at all…

We highly recommend the product – Vicki & Steve


There’s hardly any leaves, and I haven’t had a blockage for 2 years…

I now can sleep easy, and don’t have to climb the roof. Just do the gardening that I love – Rodey


The catchment of rainwater on our roof filters through to a large tank, we recycle that water…

So, the integrity of the water going into that tank had to be really, really well designed – and the mesh of the Leaf Stopper provided that. – Sharon & Lyndon


It’s helped us reduce the maintenance on our house…

and any other issues that we have with the leaves – Robert


I was tired of cleaning out my gutters every weekend…

I was looking for a product that would be good to cover them up – and also suit with the house…I decided on Leaf Stopper. – Brian


I have now installed Leaf Stoppers on this new house, and now I don’t have anymore issues with the blocked gutters…

The water is flowing perfectly. I can sleep quietly while it rains, so I don’t have anymore worries about the water damage. – Paul


Ready to learn more about how leaf stopper can help you?

Click the ‘learn more’ or ‘view pricing’ button for more information about the gutter guard solution available for your roof type.

Corrugated Roof Gutter Guard

Corrugated Roof

Leaf Stopper CORROGUARD kits come with Trimets, Corro Saddles and Mesh Shield. Available to suit Gutter Edge and Valley Gutters.

Corrugated Roof Gutter Guard

Tile Roof

Leaf Stopper TILEGUARD kits come with Trimets and Mesh Shield in the correct width. Available to suit Gutter Edge and Valley Gutters. 

Corrugated Roof Gutter Guard

Dek Roof (762mm)

Leaf Stopper DEK762 kits come with Trimets, Dek Saddles and Mesh Shield made for roof types with a 762mm effective sheet cover width.

Corrugated Roof Gutter Guard

FLAT-BASED Roof Profile

Leaf Stopper DEKGUARD gutter guard kits are designed for flat-based metal roof profiles using the patented Gripit brackets and Trimets.

comguard kit

Commercial Roof

Leaf Stopper COMGUARD kits are designed for internal box gutters. They come with Gripit brackets and Clamper strips to protect larger commercial gutters.

Still not convinced? Checkout our Customer reviews from google!

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not Leaf Stopper is the right solution for your home, take a look at what customers are saying on google reviews!

I was looking for a guard for my gutters...

5 Star Reviews 

After agreeing that the best product for the job would be a screen that was installed under the 2nd row of tiles I got about researching a suitable DIY product. Leaf Stopper appeared in my web search & while it appeared to fit my needs I still had some questions & a quick call to their customer service team answered those questions. Placed the order that afternoon & less than 24 hours later it was delivered to my door.

– Stephen

My order was delivered in three days...

5 Star Reviews 

Everything was exactly as expected. Installation was simple and straightforward and in last night’s heavy rain not a single drop overflowed from blocked gutters! This leaf stopper has lived up to its name.

– Ernie

The product is really good and easy to install...

5 Star Reviews 

I no longer care about leafs in autumn in Melbourne or pine needles. My gutters are perfectly clean. I improved the way when using silicone on the corners, it would be good to add at least one easyac, it will be very helpful, highly recommended.

– Alejandro

Living in a fire prone area and being a CFA member I’m well aware of the fire risk of leaf filled gutters. Our roof is our water catchment and to get clean drinking water it makes sense to keep the gutters clean.

After “trialling” other gutter guard products I found Leaf Stopper to be the most effective due to the method of installation and easy DIY. Better fit = less organic matter.

I no longer have to climb up 4 or 5 times a year to clean gutters!!

Rowan W

A friend told me to use Leaf Stopper because it was a great product. I totally agree. The trimets joined smoothly and the corrugated saddles fitted firmly. I like the system and would highly recommend to anyone to use Leaf Stopper.


Want To See COMGUARD Pricing Or Wish To Place An Order?

Please visit the COMGUARD product page on a PC or MAC as mobile purchasing is coming soon for this product :-)



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