Severe weather protection is no joke in Australia…

Australia is known for having severe weather events occurring through all seasons of the year.

Every year, hundreds of houses and lives are put at risk due to poor maintenance of gutters and roofs and poor severe weather protection.

Frequently ravaged by bushfires during the dry season and storm floods during spring, Australian homeowners are becoming more aware of the importance of having a quality gutter protection system on their place for severe weather protection.


Bushfire Menace During Australian Dry Season


Bushfires are one of the most extreme Aussie weather conditions capable of causing catastrophic consequences both to human lives and property.

The fire department has put some prevention methodologies in place in order to minimise the impact of natural events.

For example, since 2011 it is compulsory for new buildings in fire-prone areas to have gutter guards in place.

However, most of the existing houses in those areas still don’t have a good gutter protection systems installed on their roof.

With Australia being one of the most fire-prone countries in the world, having leaf-free clean gutters and roofs becomes indispensable for every homeowner.

The presence of gumtrees in bushy residential areas makes the cleaning of the roofs a constant and exhausting task, so having a gum leaf gutter protection system in place can save a lot of time and effort and help minimise the risk of fire to your home.

Here is what one Tradesman had to say about the benefit of Leaf Stopper in bushfire areas:

“I use Leaf Stopper as my choice of gutter guard. In the Otways region of Victoria, a savage bushfire resulted in around 100 homes burnt down but 4 homes with Leaf Stopper remained standing. There’s no doubt that Leaf Stopper contributed to the safety and protection of these houses.”

Dave’s h2o Plumbing Solutions, Victoria


Sever weather protection - Gutter guards helped prevent loss from bushfire

Before and after shots after a fire ravaged the area. Luckily this home had Leaf Stopper installed for severe weather protection.


Severe Storms And Flooding Disasters – Avert Catastrophe With Severe Weather Protection


Pine and gum leaves are two of the most common causes of gutter clogging in Australian houses.

While some gutter meshes will prevent big leaves from blocking the gutters, smaller leaves, gum nuts, twigs and branches will certainly cause some serious blockage during windy days.

If your house doesn’t have a gumleaf gutter guard in place, chances are debris, dirt and little branches will clog your gutters, preventing the water from entering the downpipes.

Overflowing gutters are one of the most common reasons for water entering homes during storms.

During heavy rain days, blocked gutters lead to enormous amounts of water backing up onto the roof resulting in the flooding of your home.

As a result, expensive damage can be caused to roofs, walls, flooring and structural problems with the home’s footings.

All preventable with the right severe weather protection.

Leaf Stopper is the best choice for your home as our gutter guard has stood the test of time in the extreme Australian conditions and is tested to perform as severe weather protection from both bush fires and storms.

Contact us today and enquire about our Aussie gutter guard system.

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Lack of severe weather protection.

Don’t let your home get water damage from blocked gutters. This could’ve been prevented with severe weather protection.

Please Note: Shale Grey mesh will be provided instead of Plain Aluminium at no extra cost.

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