Your gutters can become clogged with wind borne debris even if you don’t have trees near your home.

Gutters are designed to collect rainwater from your roof and direct moisture away from your home.

You also might be aware of the potential maintenance associated in keeping gutters clear and effective.

The most commonly cited cause for blockages in gutters and down pipes is fallen leaves and other debris from trees.

Gutter guards are highly useful on properties that have lots of trees; they keep the inevitable falling leaves from clogging up the gutters but that’s not to say just because you don’t have any trees around you that you couldn’t benefit from gutter guards (or roof gutter protection systems).

Gutter guards can still serve a purpose regardless of your immediate landscape.

Here’s a few considerations on how a roof gutter protection system could still be useful for the protection and maintenance of your home.


No Trees? What About Protection Against Storm Debris?


Just because you don’t have trees on your property, could nearby trees blow leaves onto your roof and guttering?

Or even further afield?

Strong storm winds can carry leaves from trees in your neighbouring vicinity.

What’s more it can also carry pests, nests, dirt, twigs and so much more.

All this matter can form in your unprotected gutters and lead to build-up, blockages and over-flow over a period of time.

Have a rainwater harvesting system in place?

After a severe storm, there may be reasons you can’t access your gutters to quickly clear or repair any damage.

If gutters can’t be cleared quickly you risk rainwater management issues from build-up of mold and mildew.

With gutter guards in place, you can be confident that your rainwater management system is protected in the case of a serious weather event.


Trees leaves and rotten gutters

Don’t let your guttering end up like this from old trees


Protection Against Pests


Animals and other insects love a warm place to snuggle up, and if there’re no trees around guess where they go.

Your roof.

Or even worse, they plant a nest. Insects, birds, rodents and wood destroying animals are just the beginning.

Where there is water, there are insects.

Any stagnant water in your gutter system (caused by blockages) can turn into a breeding ground for insects, including mosquitos, quicker than you’d imagine. Debris blown off trees nearby can also build up here breeding larvae and germs.

Mosquitos, as well as being highly irritating, could be carrying Lyme disease or West Nile Virus – potential health hazards. And if there’s no trees nearby, they’ll beeline for you home.

Gutter guards reduce the risk of blockages and therefore stagnant water, making it a less attractive breeding ground.

Gutter guards also physically block larger pests, like rodents and birds, from using your gutter system to access your roof and causing damage this way.


Other Potential Benefits


Micromesh gutter guards can also be used to filter out impurities such as roofing oils and shingle soot, beneficial in the context of rainwater harvesting through gutter systems.

Less applicable in the majority of regions in Australia but worth a mention in the general context of benefits to gutter guards in less leafy environments is how gutter guards can be beneficial in freezing temperatures – proactively eliminating dangerous icicle formations as well as the risk of an ‘ice dam’.

With gutter guards in place there is less chance an excessive amount of water blockage in your gutters (due to build-up of leaves and debris).

This means there is less chance of this blocked water freezing if temperatures drop.

If this ‘ice dam’ then doesn’t melt before the next rain, you could have backed up water leaking through the roof and into your house before long.

If you also consider a large and heavy chunk of ice could cause your gutters to bend or break leading to costly repairs or replacements to your gutter systems.


Leaves from Neighbours trees

Roofs like this attract termites, wasps, rodents and snakes. Neighbouring trees can be an issue.


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