Leaf Stopper had a Facebook competition to see who had the worst gutter in Australia.

The competition was held on Leaf Stopper Gutter Guards Facebook page during April 2016.

All the participants had the chance to win a Leaf Stopper Gutter Guard Installation Kit.

Many contestants uploaded their photos to our competition page, showing their blocked gutters.

Once the competition finished, a lucky winner was chosen: congratulations to Tiffany from New South Wales!

We visited Tiffany and her husband at their house in Terrigal, NSW and handed her the prize of a Leaf Stopper Installation Kit to be installed on her corrugated roof. Here is a little video of the visit:

Facebook “Australia’s Worst Gutter”; Winner 2016 from Leaf Stopper



Check out some of the other submissions we had for Australia’s worst gutter…


Worst gutter competition submission

This is bad but it wasn’t the worst gutter.


The above gutter is a shocker but was it the worst gutter? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

It just goes to show that the insertion gutter methods aren’t quite what they’re cracked up to be.

Leaves just build up behind them and get stuck in the plastic mesh.

The other downside to these gutter guard types is that they are made of plastic.

Could you imagine embers from a nearby bush fire landing in this.

It would go up in flames in minutes…


Grass filled guttering worst gutter

This ones not doing the greatest job…


The above grass filled gutter was another “worst gutter” submission…

We can’t imagine that this gutter is doing a very efficient job at removing rainwater from the roof. You can even see the rot beneath it.

This is a great example of how mould and mildew can spread into your roof cavity and then the rest of your home.

Better to get it cleaned out.


Below we have even more terrible gutter examples…


This ones a shocker and a great candidate for worst gutter...

This ones a shocker and a great candidate for worst gutter…



worst gutter submission

Another shocker with plants in the gutter.



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