Every gutter needs protection.

Unlike a lot of cheaper gutter guard solutions on the market the Leaf Stopper gutter guard mesh system in kit form provides a complete gutter protection solution and includes the hardware so installation and maintenance needs are covered in the one package.

There are many varied options available in gutter guard mesh systems and other gutter protection options to meet your gutter needs.

Many are limited by their design and practicality, which may not be apparent at first.

Leaf Stopper has taken these limitations into consideration and provided a solution which is second to none.

Problems like leaves in the valleys, material durability, ongoing maintenance etc.Leaf Stopper has thought of all of this, so you don’t have to!


A Roof Valley Gutter Needs Gutter Guards Too…


We are all aware our gutter needs to be kept clear but leaves can still accumulate in the valleys.

Valleys are the points at which the two slopes of a roof meet creating a V-shaped metal channel that runs up and down the ‘folds’ of a roof.

Not using roof valley gutter guards can result in leaves gathering along the valley and then eventually forming a clump at the bottom and making their way to the gutters, preventing water flow and requiring regular clearing and maintenance.

Leaf Stopper’s mesh system considers both your valleys and gutters as a complete protection solution.

Non-mesh based solutions (some gutter insert systems for example) also require a downpipe leaf guard but with a Leaf Stopper mesh system your downpipes are protected at the same time as your gutters meaning there’s no need to invest in further leaf guards for downpipes.


A valley gutter needs to be covered.

Leaf Stopper Mesh Protecting Corrugated Roof Valleys


Suits Every Roof Type


A key consideration when choosing a gutter guard mesh system is the installation procedure.

How does the mesh fix to the roof and gutter, and how do I access the gutter in the future for any debris that will eventually gather?

Some systems can easily be applied to a tile roof, but what about a metal roof?

When installing to a metal roof the Leaf Stopper system uses trimets and saddle clips which match your roof type ie: corrugated or deck.

The trimets are a patented tongue and slot joiner that clip together and are screwed into place to make installation quick, simple and safe for tile or deck roofing.

Leaf Stopper is the only Australian gutter guard product to use trimets to ensure the job is as simple and straight forward, which is important when you’re up a ladder!

All trimet holes are pre-drilled at 250mm intervals to ensure a firm, secure and long term fixing for the mesh.

For corrugated roofs Leaf Stopper have developed a corrugated saddle clip, the first in Australia to introduce the raised screw hole.


Gutter Mesh Protection Maintenance


Even the best gutter protection system will need minor maintenance over time.

Obviously though, the better the system, the less frequent cleaning is required.

This may simply be the need to flush out your gutters or downpipes with a hose or pressure washer.

The Leaf Stopper system includes Easy Access Panels which can be purchased separately if more are required.

It’s called an EasyAc and doesn’t require screws for installation.

A hole is cut into the mesh and tabs are used to hold the base plate in place.

The EasyAc can be used for maintenance in areas such as downpipes, gutters, vents and awnings avoiding uninstalling the mesh every time the system needs a simple flush.


A gutter needs protection.

A Tile Valley Protected By Leaf Stopper


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