Want to help stop mould and moisture in your home? Your gutters are a good place to start.

You’ve probably got mould on or in the roof huh?

Coincidentally near the guttering…

Not only is mould and moisture in the home a nuisance that can cause damage to fabrics, discolour paint and wallpaper but we have been alerted, in more recent years, to the potential health effects of mould for those affected by allergies.

We are all aware of the need to ventilate, control humidity and reduce condensation in the home to help stop mould but how can rain flow gutter protection help or even be related?


Stop Mould from bad gutters

It’s hard to stop mould when gutters do not drain correctly due to debris.


Keeping Your Building Foundations Dry Helps Stop Mould


One reason for moisture and mould in the home can be a leaking roof or allowing the building foundation to stay wet, this is not how you stop mould from growing…

This can occur via a number of reasons:

  • Clogged gutters (due to overhanging trees, not being cleared out regularly enough or fitted with gutter protection system).
  • Guttering not being sufficiently angled away from the foundation of the building.
  • Garden beds being higher than the foundation of the building allowing moisture migrating into the wall.
  • Down pipes not draining into soak wells to ensure effective drainage away from the house.





Rain Flow Gutter Protection


Cleaning roof gutters regularly is one way to avoid blockages in downspouts that are effectively carrying the water away from your home and the foundations of your house thus helping stop mould from growing.

Fitting gutter guards is an effective way of avoiding having to clean and maintain your gutters quite so regularly to reduce risk of clogging and build-up in your drains and subsequent water damage.

A good gutter protection system will do 4 things well:

  • Keep leaves and pests out of your gutters and valleys.
  • Allow water in.
  • Increase the chance of leaves coming off the roof and gutters.
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance.

By avoiding clogged gutters and allowing your gutters to flow effectively and efficiently they will perform their intended purpose and keep your home’s foundations dry and will help stop mould growing

There is a whole host of gutter protection solutions available including attachments and fittings that either sit in or over your gutters, but a truly holistic gutter guard protection system will consider your valleys as well as just your gutters and be compatible with your roof type, installation conditions and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Gutter guards on your rain gutter systems, such as Leaf Stopper, are a simple, secure, all seasons gutter guard placed over your gutters that help stop mould from moisture build up.

It prevents pest entry, blockages of leaves and other moist vegetation which can lead to clogged gutters and potential moisture in your home and building foundations.

Leaf Stopper is an aluminium mesh solution that is guaranteed for 15 years (so it will usually last the lifetime of the gutter, and is likely extend the gutter’s useful life) that only requires minor maintenance over the years.

When you compare that to replacing a gutter filter every year, it’s easy to see why there’s a growing trend for homeowners to purchase a quality gutter protection system like Leaf Stopper that help stop mould from growing in your home.


Before and after Leaf Stopper to stop mould

Before and after Leaf Stopper, Nice dry gutters that help stop mould and mildew.


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